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The Guide to the World of Occupations

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General data

The company name: 5D software spol. s r.o.
Address: Jablonova 2891, Praha 10, 106 00
Czech Republic
The secretary: ing. Ludek LINHART
E-mail: E-mail: info tečka linhart zavináč pět dé tečka cé zet

The Guide to the World of Occupations

The GWO program is designed for users who need assistance in their occupational choices and in seeking employment. It offers support in all phases of career guidance: from self awareness, awareness of labour market opportunities, career decision making, to implementing decisions and getting appropriate employment.

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The History of the Firm

The firm 5D software spol. s r.o. was founded by a group of programmers on 1.1.1992. The firm initially was aimed at the graphic software processing. Today the firm's main activity is dedicated to information systems.

From the very beginning the main item of its offer has been the programme SuperText. The sale of the universal programme equipment for the electronic publication processing has been replaced by so called "one time deliveries", i.e. the complete processing of the super text documents including the data acquisition.

In the years 1995 and 1996 the firm published a series of super text applications on a CD ROM. The most popular title published in this series is Biblia Sacra - the Biblical texts in four languages.

Present times

Nowadays 5D software infuses its visions into sophisticating its pivotal software system SuperText ...a powerful software program tool, that brings best solutions to import, manage, arrange, form order and hierarchy of any data. Processing texts & graphics, video, sound and more into a concise and comprehensible electronic data storage book. Such electronic book, copied and distributed to your partners, enables them easily to trace, find, study, export, print and otherwise work with information and ideas. SuperText meets most, if not all needs to work with information, being very flexible informational software system that stretches its tools from setting simple data bases, compiling catalogues, building electronic archives to publishing electronic multimdedia programs.

5D software also provides complex service to its partners to process their data starting from Scanner/OCR/Digital Camera and finishing with marketing published CD ROMs; or delivers entire systems for electronic publishing studio that links know how, software and hardware into unity of efficiency and reliability.

From 1996 to 2001 the firm was publishing the month bulletins of the Office for Industrial Ownership on CD ROMs.

During the year 1997 the firm prepared the programme the Guide to the World of Occupations 1.0 (GWO) for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. Since 1998 to May 2001 the firm was working on the pilot project of the programme Leonardo da Vinci - The Guide to the World of Occupations 2.0 (versions in 3 languages). In September 2001 the commercial version of the programme with the name 2.1 (Czech version) was introduced in the market. The works on the other version of GWO within the programme Leonardo da Vinci (versions in 10 languages) have been realised since January 2002.

In our work we cooperate with experts securing high level qualification in providing consulting services and information administration, counselling methodes, teaching methodes and textbooks in the field of choice of ocuppation, choice of education, career guidance, labourmarket development analyses.

The firm processed the full text standards for the Czech Institute for Standards in 1998-99.