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CDs issued by 5D software (1995-2001)

All the CD ROMs mentioned here are in the Czech language (with the exception of "Sumerische Lesestücke" and "Sprievodca svetom povolaní")

The Guide to the World of Occupations 2.1 is a unique programme helping to choose a right occupation. It contains detailed information on more than 600 professions, 1,700 illustrating pictures and 20 sound dialogues. The program is dedicated to the pupils of elementary and high schools, their parents and pedagogical advisors. You may find the detailed information here.

The Guide to the World of Occupations 2.0. (Průvodce světem povolání) The Czech version of the programme GWO for the labour offices of the Czech Ministry of labour and social services.   The Guide to the World of Occupations 2.0. (Sprievodca svetom povolaní)The Slovak version of the programme GWO for the labour offices of the Slovak Ministry of labour and social services.

The Guide to the World of Occupations 1.0 The database of texts and pictures contains more than 900 occupations, 1,500 photographs, 50,000 hyper textual links, selection based on the alphabet, education, favourite school subjects, groups of occupations, activity, health handicaps, links with the interest survey. The program is dedicated to pupils, students and applicants for occupation or re-qualification. It is operated at the labour offices by self service or with an advisor for the job selection.

Biblia Sacra - the electronic version the Bible texts with the Czech text (Bible kralická), the Greek text (Septuaginta and Grew New Testament), the Latin text(Vulgata) and the English text(KJV).

The Hills of Mesopotamia
N. Nováková:. Brief Outline of the Most Important Archaeological Research in the Area of Modern Iraq.

The Antology of the Sumerian texts
F. Rahman: The Outline of the Sumerian literature on the area of Old Mesopotamia. A multimedia publication containing extensive illustrative material.

Sumerische Lesestücke
F. Rahman: The German version of the electronic publication on the Sumerian literature.

Environment in CR 93
The almanac describing the state and development of the individual areas of the environment in the Czech Republic published together with a hard copy version of the Czech Ecological Institute in Prague.

Almanac Labyrinth 95
The offer of the book production and statement of the editorial plans of the Czech publishers with an address book of bookshops, second hand bookshops and distribution firms

The Usage of the Text Databases in the Archive Practise
The collection of texts following the professional seminars organized in cooperation with the 1st department of the State Central Archive in Prague and Brno. The CD contains the text of the contributions of the lecturers of the Seminar "Usage of Text Databases (hypertexts, full texts) for the Archive Practise as well as the processed applications - Czech castles, palaces and fortresses on the old engravings by F.A. Haber, the Development of the heraldry symbols of the Czech state, Coin relics of the state central archive and a catalogue of the palace library funds.

Methodology of Plant Protection
Practical guide for gardeners. Regular update is carried out by the Czech association of gardeners.

Electronic text processing
I.Gula: The Possibilities of Computer Text Processing with Samples of Available hypertext and full text programs (with demo versions of the programmes Lenora, SuperText, Texpro, Topic).

Regional Culture in the Czech Republic
The address books of cultural institutions in the Czech Republic. The categories according to the institution type (e.g. gallery, theatre, art school) or regions is complemented with a full text search function with an option of combined inquiries.